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 Tennis Guest Rules:


The Board of Governors would like to clarify Club policy on the  use of the High Lane facilities by members and their guests.


1.      Tennis Courts and pool are for the use of members only.  Guests must be accompanied by a member of  The High Lane Club.

2.      Each member who sponsors a guest must register the guest before using the pool or tennis courts.

3.      Members are required to register guests at all times throughout the entire year.

4.      Pool guests must be registered with the lifeguard.

5.      Tennis guests must be registered at the Pro-Shop.  Please notify The High Lane office if pool and tennis personnel are unavailable.  Your cooperation is honoring this requirement is appreciated.

6.      The same guest may not use the pool or tennis courts more than twice per month.  In counting the times a non-member is a guest, it shall be immaterial that the sponsoring member is not the same one each time.

7.      No member unit may sponsor more than 4 guests on any one occasion.

8.      Guests are not eligible to participate in swimming or tennis teams or in members’ tournaments, but seasonal guests may take swimming and tennis lessons.

9.      Lounge chairs are for the use of members and their registered guests when swimming or relaxing in the pool area.

10.  There will be a charge of $25.00 levied against any member who does not register his/her guest.

11.  Application for a summer guest may be made through the office.



Pool and Tennis Guest Fee Rates as of June 2013

Guest at $5.00 each per day.Sign up at the tennis shack


Guest at $5.00 each per day.
Family (4 or more) at $20.00 per family per day.
Babysitter No charge
House Guest/Weekly $50.00 pp
House Guest/Monthly $125.00 pp
House Guest/Weekly per Family $100.00

Sign up at the pool

Tennis and Pool Combination

$10.00 per person


Last Revised:  6/2013