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Painless Flexibility


If you are experiencing certain types of back problems, if you tried yoga but found it too difficult, if conventional stretching was painful or awkward for you, or if you just want to gain flexibility in a pleasant way, then maybe Painless Flexibility™ will be the answer.


Classes at The High Lane Club will be held at 7 PM on Tuesdays, starting on September 12, 2017.

$10 for members       $12 for non-members


This class will start with the beginning to intermediate level. Anyone can learn these exercises.


Please dress in a comfortable outfit that lets you move freely, bring something like a yoga mat for comfort, a belt (like one from a bathrobe) and a bottle of water to drink.


Whether your goal is only to relieve the daily tension, or you want to grow to the advanced level where you learn to do the splits and put your leg behind your back, the Painless Flexibility™ system has the right exercises for you. You can tailor the system to your individual needs and ability, and I will help you with that. All exercises are done gently, with very little force and are completely painless.


Come and join us for a fun and pleasant experience.


I look forward to seeing you in class with the hope that this system will bring you the benefits of a happy, pain free, active life.


Laszlo I. Nemeth, Instructor


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