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High Lane Club
Swim and Dive Team Registration

Sunday MAY 20 2018 at 5:00pm

Child’s First and Last Name, Age, and Team choice:
(Swim & Dive, Swim only, Dive only)
Parent’s name(s):________________________________________________
Email:_______________________________ Phone:_____________________
Emergency Contact Name:_________________________________________
Emergency Contact Phone:_________________________________________
Swim Team Cost:

  • 1st child $130
  • 2nd child: $240 total or $120 per child
  • 3rd child $330 total or $110 per child

Dive Team Cost:

  • $100 1st child
  • $80 2nd child
  • $60 3rd child


Amount Paid:__________ CK#__________ Charge HLC Account: Y / N

Yes, I would like to help my coaches with (please ):

Awards night __  Ribbon/Trophy coordination __ or wherever needed __


**Each parent will be required to be a Time keeper (during all meets). Schedule to follow.

Thank You!